Python Training Course

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Python Training Course


Course Description

  We at Nobel IT Solutions & Development are committed to deliver the best Python training course to the student who wants to be python programmers. Python programming course is specifically designed by gathering the requirement from various IT companies and guidance from industry experts. We strive towards delivering the best Python tutorial along with the hands-on practical training sessions through real-time projects.

Course: Python Training Course
Duration: 100 Hrs

• Master the fundamentals of writing Python scripts
• Learn core Python scripting elements such as variables and flow control structures
• Discover how to work with lists and sequence data
• Write Python functions to facilitate code reuse
• Use Python to read and write files
• Make their code robust by handling errors and exceptions properly
• To work with the Python standard library
• To explore Python’s object-oriented features
• Search text using regular expressions

•The course specifically designed as per the requirement from various IT Clients
• Certified Trainers from the IT industry with a rigorous understanding of the specialized   domain
• Lecture contents are prepared by Industry expert
• Live Projects based training under the guidance of industry experts
• Weekly workshop from industry experts
• An innovative teaching methodology which delivers in-depth knowledge with quality tailored programs that maximize a return on your investment.
• Strategic Association for global certification

The course will have regular classroom Lectures, Practical Sessions, Seminars, Tutorials, Case Studies, Assignments and Exams

•Software Engineer / Front-end Software / Web Developer
• Python Developer / Programmer / DevOps Engineer
• Research Analyst / Data Analyst / Data Scientist
Course Duration (100 Hours)
2 Months Training (including Saturday & Sunday) – 6 to 8 hours a day

• Undergraduates, Graduates and PostGraduates
• Job aspirants looking to make career in Android
• No Previous Programming Experience necessary

• Introduction to Script
• What is Script
• What is a program?
• Types of Scripts Difference between Script & Programming Languages
• Features of Scripting
• Limitation of Scripting
• Types of programming Language Paradigms

Types of programming Language Paradigms
• What is Python and history of Python?
• Why Python and where to use it?
• Discussion about Python 2 and Python 3
• Set up Python environment for development
• Demonstration on Python Installation
• Discuss about IDE’s like IDLE, Pycharm and Enthought Canopy
• Discussion about unique feature of Python
• Write first Python Program
• Start programming on interactive shell.
• Using Variables, Keywords
• Interactive and Programming techniques
• Comments and document interlude in Python
• Practical use cases using data analysis
• Introduction to Hadoop

• Python Core Objects and builtin functions
• Number Object and operations
• String Object and Operations
• List Object and Operations
• Tuple Object and operations
• Dictionary Object and operations
• Set object and operations
• Boolean Object and None Object
• Different data Structures, data processing

• What are conditional statements?
• How to use the indentations for defining if, else, elif block
• What are loops?
• How to control the loops
• How to iterate through the various object
• Sequence and iterable objects

• What are various type of functions
• Create UDF functions
• Parameterize UDF function, through named and unnamed parameters
• Defining and calling Function
• The anonymous Functions – Lambda Functions
• String Object functions
• List and Tuple Object functions
• Dictionary Object functions

• Python inbuilt Modules
• os, sys, datetime, time, random, zip modules
• Create Python UDM – User Defined Modules
• Create Python Packages
• init File for package initialization

• Python Exceptions Handling
• What is Exception ?
• Handling various exceptions using try….except…else
• Tryfinally clause
• Argument of an Exception and create self exception class
• Python Standard Exceptions
• Raising an exceptions, User-Defined Exceptions
• Object oriented features
• Understand real world examples on OOP
• Implement Object oriented